Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Resolutions Revisited

Today is the last day of January. 2006 is one-twelfth over. How are those month-old resolutions, made when '05 became '06, faring?

Amazingly, this writer's year remains on track. So far.

* I want to have my three-year old Percheron working well under saddle by the end of the year. January's milestone was to have him wearing the saddle -- something that he's been doing comfortably while practicing his groundwork for over a week now.

* I want to conduct at least one teleseminar per month all year long. I actually had four scheduled this month, but three had to be cancelled due to a vendor's unforeseen open-heart surgery. But one got done. And the other three are on deck for February.

* I want to return to my pre-pregnancy level of physical fitness (exacerbated by doing more sitting on my ever-widening butt and writing, and doing less getting outside and riding, for the past three years). Part of that includes dropping 10 pounds and keeping it off by the end of the year. My goal for the first 10 months is to lose a pound a month. January's pound is gone.

* I am under contract to deliver Dr. Warson's book manuscript by October 1. I wanted to have all preliminary notes typed and organized by the end of January. That's done. Which leads into February's goal of finishing a rough draft of the project.

There are a few other little things that need checking off my list of Things To Do today, but they'll happen. And then January can be put to bed.

This run-down is by no means to be construed as a gloat fest. I'm not listing things here for bragging rights, but for the purposes of accountability.

If you made resolutions 31 days ago and have already tossed them by the wayside -- it's not too late. You had a plan! You had goals! What's stopping you from digging the Plan out, dusting it off, and charging into the fray again with purpose? Eleven months remain! Just think of the possibilities! Here's to you as you revisit your resolutions -- and wave January "bye bye!"