Thursday, December 13, 2012

Permission to Bang the Bragging Drum

I grew up under my mother's strict "No Bragging" rule. I was expected to do my best -- to excel, even -- but always with the understanding that crowing about any achievements or awards was a social infraction tantamount to audibly belching the alphabet during a sermon. It was simply Not Done.

To this day, I try to steer clear of shameless self promotion.

I don't follow people on Twitter if all they do is tweet links to their appearances, books, and / or reviews. The gene that makes others want their own reality show is completely missing from my DNA.

But sometimes (once a year or so), it's nice to have a venue that encourages one to publicly celebrate one's successes.

To that end, I hereby unveil The Bragging Drum!

Not only will you have the opportunity to tell the world about your stellar superbity, but you'll actually get to feel good about doing so because you'll be helping deserving kids get some awesome books for the holidays.

Here's how it works:

*  In the comments, tell me (and my awesome, supportive readers) what cool thing you -- or someone you know -- did this year that's worth a brag or two. Did you finish your novel? Have a baby? Get married? Get your first byline? Graduate? Tell me, and I'll celebrate with you.

*  I'll donate $1 to literacy champion First Book for every comment. (Every $2.50 donated to First Book provides one brand-new, high-quality book for a child from a low-income family. Better yet - from now through the end of 2012, Disney has agreed to match every one of those books with two additional books!)

"Let me hear you say yeah! Yeah! Hallelujah! Amen!"

*  Want to feel even better and send even more bucks and books to kids who need 'em? It's easy, and it won't cost you a cent. Just follow. From now till year's end, I'll also donate $1 to First Book for every new follower of this blog (currently being followed by 162 of the coolest readers in the universe).

I'll go first, to show you and my mom that it can be done without selling your soul. Remember the Out of the Box One-Act Playfest playwrighting competition I told you about? Well, I won -- Audience Choice Award two nights running and the juried judges' Grand Prize. So... yay, me!

I won a few bucks. Now help me spend it on kids who could really use some Christmas cheer. Brag below. Go on: bang that drum!


Katharine Grubb said...


I just released my first book! This is a life long dream and I'm amazed by the good reviews it's getting!

Here's the link: And if you click LOOK INSIDE, you can read the first few chapters.

Ami Hendrickson said...

Katharine --

Drum away! Congratulations on both your book release and your rave reviews. Kudos. :)

Kiersi said...

What a cool freakin' thing! Love it! Um, my drum-bang is winning NaNoWriMo and then finishing that same manuscript the week after winning. It made me remember that when I set my mind to it, I can write a manuscript in a very short time.

I'd like to do this on my blog, too. What do you think? Legit? Too copy-catty? It is awesome.

Ami Hendrickson said...

Congratulations all over the place for finishing your novel! Feel free to take the same idea and run with it on your blog as well. Here's to drum banging!

Ko said...

I haven't done anything as amazing as write a book, but I have 4 polite, thoughtful children. The eldest 2 have proved amazingly mature for 10 and 12 when faced with some awful events within our family this year. As a friend pointed out, they are able to be like that because of their parents.

Ami Hendrickson said...

IMO, raising kind, thoughtful kids (who will turn into kind, thoughtful adults) is one of the best things someone can do for this planet. Sadly, too often we don't brag about those aspects of our kids enough. And you're right -- our parenting is our legacy. So, yay, you! Bang away!

RedHeadedQuilter said...

I haven't had any really big achievements this year, but I did write 10,000 words in one day on a brand new novella and actually FINISHED it, which is something I am prone to not doing with longer works.

I also took a self-editing class and used the novella as my class assignment, so it's polished and lovely. (Or at least not hideous.) ;)

Ami Hendrickson said...

Good LORD, 10K words in a single day is a big accomplishment. That deserves its own drum solo! Yay, you! :D

Stacey Long Kianese said...

Not writing related but it is artistic. I paint model horses (long story) and at a show December 1st three of my pieces got first place in workmanship. One piece (my Arabian) went on to take reserve grand in its class and reserve grandest of grand. That's a huge accomplishment for me because I was up against "big name artists" in the hobby.

Ami Hendrickson said...

Congrats! Very proud of you. I've seen pics of your artwork -- and I'm certain your wins are well deserved! (FYI: I'd love to feature you & your "hobby horses" on my blog sometime. Just sayin'... Let me know if you want to take me up on it.) Bang that drum, girl! :)

Ami Hendrickson said...
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