Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thoughts on Online Price Changes

It's true, I haven't been posting lately. The plan was to phase out the blog because of time constraints. I'm still planning on changing to a subscription-based blog / newsletter at some point in the near future, but that won't happen right now.

I just read the most interesting article about changing the prices of books in shoppers' baskets. And I had to share.

The author tells how he selected a fairly obscure book that he wanted to buy, and put it in his online shopping cart. He waited a few days to complete the transaction. When he came back to check out, he discovered that the book has increased in price by about 50 cents.

Intrigued, he did a test, selecting several books and putting them in his shopping basket. A few days later, three had dropped a bit. But NINE had increased. Hmmmm... One book had gone up $75 in price! And the price increase had nothing to do with the publisher!

It's an interesting article. Well worth reading.

In other news, I received a very nice note in my e-mail In box today from someone who found the earlier blog post on shoulder-in and shoulder-fore useful:

I am an English editor/indexer [living in Scotland] and I am compiling an index for a book about training exercises for horses. [I am also a judge of show ponies.]

It is a few years now since I judged dressage competitions and I was interested by the use of the term 'shoulder-fore' and its comparison with a 'shoulder in'. Imagine my interest when I googled these terms, got through to your blog and read your mention of Podhajsky's "Complete Training of Horse and Rider" as I had just looked them up in my copy and have the book sitting on the desk in front of me!

Anyway, thank you for this description - I will now index the terms as two separate movements!

Best wishes


Always nice to hear when someone has found something useful!