Saturday, May 24, 2008


It's Memorial Day weekend already. (As my husband is prone to point out, the passage of time is relative. When you're young, an hour is an eternity. School days drag on, and summer passes at a leisurely pace. But the older you get, the faster time flies until eventually it's just one Olympics after another...)

I've been on pseudo-hiatus for the past few weeks.

At the end of April, I spent a few days in Chicago at a retreat with my Very Important Client working on the top-secret Major Project that is still in the works. But now my part on the project is stalled until the client determines the approved content for the next stage. (Where before I was Between Projects, now I'm just on hold. Same client. Same project. Moving ever forward. Slooowwly, bwana... Sloooowwwly..)

"May day" is an internationally recognized call of distress. (It comes from the French "m'aider," which literally means "help me!") If a month goes by without a major project to work on (and without a corresponding pay check), I could be tempted to call "mayday!" However, when that month is filled with such perfect Michigan spring days, and when being without deadlines means that I can spend quantities of time outside, I'm more inclined to count my blessings and dance for joy.

An acquaintance recently commented to a mutual friend that "Ami works, but she doesn't really work." I was mildly offended at first ("I work all the time, thank you very much!") But I'm not now. I think that since I don't have to drive anywhere to do my work, people have no idea what my job actually entails. I've gotten a lot accomplished in the past month -- working for me instead of for a client.

In the past several weeks, Theo's education under saddle has continued. He and I have gone on several lovely long trail rides. We got a pony for Cassandra (a 21-year old sweetheart who has forgotten more than many horses ever know), and she's been riding some, too.

I had the time to take Cassandra to swimming lessons, and to visit with my parents when they came for a week.

I prepared the ground and put in my vegetable garden, and my herb garden.

We put up a new paddock, tore down an old one, and put up a new (larger, and hopefully improved) chicken pen.

I got lots of mowing done, disced and dragged the riding arena and small paddock, and put up a new lean-to in the paddock.

I completely re-did the guest room (painted, moved furniture, and re-decorated).

And I taught a Writer's Workshop at the Coloma Public Library on Wednesday evenings. This coming Wednesday is the final session. I've been blessed with a great group of writers -- over 30 have attended each evening.

Teaching writers is something I love to do. When our library director asked if I'd do a workshop this year, I really didn't think I'd have the time. But when I saw that May was going to open up, I agreed to do it. I'm glad I did. Conducting workshops always re-energizes me and makes me realize how much I love doing what I do.

In other words -- I work at it, but it's not really work!