Monday, October 01, 2007

Between Projects

The first edit of the Major Project is officially off to the client. 4 days early and under budget. Yay! In two weeks, I'll meet with the Committee members at a Retreat in Harrisburg, PA, to go over the Project and solidify any editorial changes.

Sometimes working with a committee can be a nightmare. In this case, however, the client has been a dream to work with. They've all done their "homework," they've been appreciative of the effort that has gone into making the Project a reality, and they've been very professional in their approach to the process. I couldn't have asked for more.

So, for the next two weeks, I'm officially "Between Projects." The client may have two other Major Projects for me to work on, but nothing has been decided yet. I'm in no hurry to go looking for work right away, though. The first order of business is to CLEAN MY HOUSE. And barn. From top to bottom.

Since I began the Major Project, the interior of my barn has been completely redone. My studio is very close to useable. And my house is completely trashed. So, in the next two weeks, I only want to scrub, and sweep, and dust, and paint.

And write. Though I've been working and writing non-stop since May, there have been a few creative projects that have arisen which are begging for my attention, and which have had to be shelved for the time being.

One in particular is calling for action. In the early stages of a project, once I commit to it, I get a small spiral-bound notebook that I dedicate to the topic. I've begun carrying one around for the Fun Project, and it's filling up fast.

I guess it just goes to show that we are never truly "Between Projects." Instead, we do our best to juggle the things that interest us most and work on as many as we can at one time.

But first, the bathroom needs cleaning.