Thursday, January 12, 2006

A First Time for Everything

Yesterday, I conducted my first teleseminar. It was strangely exhilarating and much more fun than I thought it would be. In it, I interviewed Denise Hettig who, with her husband Marc, owns and operates Whistler Farm, a Labrador breeding and dog training facility in Southwest Michigan. Denise and I talked about choosing and training a puppy, and answered "The Top 10 Questions New Puppy Owners Ask."

It went very smoothly, after we dialed in on a second phone line to rid the line of an annoying electronic buzzing. We cracked ourselves up -- we were all set in her kitchen. Coffee. Computer. Notes. House-wide mandate of silence.

As the time for the teleseminar approached, I called in to the bridge line and we did a few practice intros. Then Gary, who provided our bridge and did our recording, broke in and told us about the aforementioned buzz.

After disconnecting, reconnecting, and trying every phone in the house, we ended up hanging up and going to the den to see if their second phone line, usually reserved for the computer, was any better. The buzz was gone, so we hastily re-set up shop in the den, and we were off and running. Whee!

It's so cool -- not only does conducting a teleseminar give me nearly the same "high" as teaching in a classroom, but Denise can now see the enormous possiblities the medium opens up. What a great way to disseminate what you know and share your knowledge with people who can use it.

I'm still jazzed about the whole experience. Three more teleseminars are scheduled for next week: one for writers, with Terri Gordon, on "Making Money Where You Live," One with Geoff Teall: "Top 10 Tips for Winning In the Hunter Ring." And one with Dr. James Warson on how to match a horse's conformation to your body type in order to have the most comfortable ride possible. I just know that great things await...