Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Guest Spot Finale

Today is my final day teaching for the poetry project mini-grant at Lakeshore High School. The kids have all done very good jobs -- especially the students who would rather crawl in a hole and die than speak in front of people.

We meet at the school at 9:15 this morning and then head to the elementary school for the Moment of Truth.

One girl has a poem about a fish tank, and she's made this beautiful, colorful aquarium out of construction paper. She creates the aquarium and moves things around in it as the poem plays out.

Another team of students did a poem about indoor recess that has several "hot button" words that encourage audience participation.

And of course, we can't forget the ninja zombies.

My friend, TG, may do a small write-up for the local paper, which would be cool, since I'm of the opinion that one never hears enough about high school kids doing anything really positive for elementary school kids.

All in all, it's been an enjoyable teaching experience, with my favorite audience. (It would have been better, however, if I'd avoided contracting the flu last week, but... c'est la vie.)

Additional News

With any luck, today I'll finish one of the two chapters for He Who Will Not Call's book, which has become my baby. (It's my ugly red-haired stepchild, but it's my baby, nonetheless.) I'd hoped to finish it by the end of last week, then my bout with the plague nixed that.

The chapter is going as well as can be expected of a chapter about which I know very little, but am trying to sound as if I know a great deal. My grand plan for the week includes finishing not only this chapter, but the other missing chapter as well, by Thursday. We'll see how full of folly that is.

Went to see "The Inside Man" tonight. Interesting. Different. It wasn't bad, but I was a little bummed that I figured out the crucial plot twist too early in the film.

Still -- a decent night's entertainment. Especially when it's "Two for $8" night at the Loma in Coloma -- and that includes free popcorn and pop. I love my hometown!