Friday, July 03, 2009

Those Who Can, Do...

"I would love to write a book. Maybe someday (when I'm out of school / the kids are in school / out of school / out of the house / when I'm retired...) I will."

I can't tell you how many times I've heard those words. They're usually uttered when someone hears what I do for a living, and then feels compelled to launch into the reasons why they could do what I do, if it weren't for this pesky thing called "life" getting in their way...

It should come as no surprise to learn that I have very little patience for people who are full of excuses for why they don't do what they say they want to. I am much more interested in those who actually follow through with things that they set their minds to...

When I was working on the USHJA's Trainer's Certification Program, I had the great honor of interviewing many of today's truly GREAT horsemen and horsewomen: George Morris, Frank Madden, Karen Golding, and Danny Robertshaw, among others. These people have contributed in a significant way to their chosen sport and have enriched the world with their talents and dedication.

In my experience, it is the busy people who always find the time to get things accomplished.

Danny Robertshaw and Ron Danta, for instance, in addition to their work in the horse world, tirelessly advocate for animal adoption and an end to animal cruelty. Their efforts have been instrumental in placing nearly 1700 dogs, have been featured in the book Saved: Rescued Animals and the Lives they Transform, and have been recognized by the ASPCA. To raise money and awareness for their cause, Ryan Beckett is cycling coast-to-coast this month.

Now, Ryan is a realtor for Palm Beach Polo Realty. The name of the firm doesn't immediately conjure up images of abused animals. One would argue that someone like Mr. Beckett could easily go through life without having to come into contact with any of the gritty reality that most unwanted or neglected animals deal with every day. I think there is something noble about someone who works in the rarified atmosphere of Palm Beach to put his life on hold to cycle across the country -- over 3100 miles -- for such a charity.

You can track Ryan's progress online. If you like, donate to the cause -- I'm sure Ryan, Danny, and Ron would be thrilled. And then, if you're not already immersed in something worthwhile, I challenge you to begin. Those who can, DO. We only go around once. There is no time like the present to do what moves you.

Here's to whatever it is that you decide to DO!