Sunday, June 07, 2009

"UP" and Away...

We just returned from a matinee showing of UP. As far as I'm concerned, it is the gold standard of "heart" in recent movies. The whole family got weepy on it at different times, and for different reasons -- but it's a comedy. Funny and tragic, human and fanciful, it is both popcorn entertainment and moving storytelling.

I have a new goal in life: to write for Pixar. As I understand it, all of their stuff is developed in-house. They accept no outside scripts or story submissions. But if I could be a part of their development and writing team, I would gladly move from my Michigan paradise, and even bid good-bye to the horses, move to California, and never look back.

The movie has singlehandedly restored my faith in the film industry (though, truth be told, "The Hangover" and "Land of the Lost" threaten to cause an attitudinal relapse :yeesh::). It's gratifying to know that someone out there is telling wonderfully complex, vivid, entertaining stories AND having them made available to the public.

So -- to all the people at Pixar, my hat is off to you. Please let me know when you have an opening... Will write for food -- and I can live off PB & J's for a loooooooong time.