Friday, July 27, 2007

Why I Do What I Do

This will be the third straight week of clocking over 50 billable hours on one project. I'm near the end of the Rough Draft phase of a major project I'm doing for a Major Client. All day, every day, is spent at the dining room table / work desk.

(I work there, because it's the only seat in the house that has a good view of the pasture. Occasionally I can see Theo wander into my field of vision.)

I'll be glad when the Rough Draft work is done, and I can regroup before pushing forward with the First Major Edit. The good news is that this project is moving along quite nicely and -- dare I say it? -- appears to be slightly ahead of schedule. The bad news is that because of the very tight deadline, I really have time for nothing else.

Of course I'd like a day or two off. Who wouldn't? But I'm absolutely NOT complaining. I am thrilled to have this job. Not only is my client wonderful to work with, but I love having the privilege of being able to do what I do.

That's why I was gratified to read Wendy Hilton Smith's blog on her ongoing progress with Murphy, her Extreme Mustang Makeover challenge horse. (Wendy and her husband, Steve, are both competitors in this year's Mustang Makeover Challenge)

In today's post, Wendy talks about why she does what she does:

It’s made me remember how much I love horses, how much I love to teach them and take my time with them, to build their confidence slowly and progressively.

When you do this for a living, there is always the clock breathing down your neck. The customer wonders why you aren’t riding their horse yet, and why they aren’t neck reining yet, and why the horse isn’t absolutely perfect after 60 days of training. Then you remember why you got into training horses in the first place: because you love horses. It’s easy to forget that. I will be forever grateful to Murphy and God for reminding me of that.

That, in a nutshell, is why I do what I do -- Love. I love it! I love being able to take a jumbled mess of words and organize them into something that speaks to people. I love working with experts in their fields who truly have something of value to say. I love helping people look at their words and working to find the best way to make those words sing.

Wendy's right. When you do something you love for a living, the clock is always "breathing down your neck," because clients are on a schedule and a budget. But that's part of the fun and the challenge of doing anything well. And every once in awhile, a project comes along that reminds you of why you do what you do.

Weird Weekly News

Just in case you were wondering, it is not illegal to have sex with somebody that's been dead for a week in Wisconsin. Bleah. Grave robbing is frowned upon, though.

And if you work for a dentist, it's ok if he implants fake boars' tusks and takes pictures of you while you're under anesthesia. You can sue him, but because he's a "kind-hearted, fun-loving man," and you're the idiot assistant, he can do anything he wants to you with impunity.

Things that make you go "Hmmm.....Eeewww."

And now -- back to work!