Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Anticipation runs high in the Hendrickson house today. Grandma and Grandpa are on their way from Pennsylvania, and my three year old daughter is beside herself with excitement.

I know how she feels. The weather interfered with the delivery of my studio yesterday. Now we're shooting for Thursday, and hoping the rain stops long enough to dry out the chosen site for the trucks to come in. I'm like a kid at Christmas waiting for the building to arrive, so I can finish the inside, and move all my work things into it. It's bigger than any room in our house. And once I get all my books and work-related items into it, I have a feeling that every room in our house will feel larger!

Anticipation... It's also evident in the Rider's Back Book. There are a few photos left to agree upon and place in the book. While it's true that the manuscript isn't yet at the publishers (something I'm not thrilled about), we all agreed that it would be best to send an entire, complete package, rather than have the words and pictures arrive in pieces. Besides, the publisher and our managing editor are at the Frankfurt Book Fair this week. It's not like they're desperately waiting for the manuscript to arrive.

No -- the only person who's desperately anticipating doing the Happy Dance upon completion of this project is ME!

Further bulletins as events warrant.