Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Chihuly in Kalamazoo

Today is a day for feeding the artist's soul, rather than editing, drafting, transcribing, writing, re-writing or anything else that requires me sequestering myself away from my family -- both visiting and otherwise.

We are taking an excursion to Kalamazoo to see the Chihuly art exhibit there. I'm hardly an art snob. There are a few artists that I admire, and whose work I can usually recognize when I see it (Erte, F.W. Dicksee). But I think Chihuly is in a class by himself. He has made glass into a whole new art form.

But nothing lasts forever. The exhibit is here only until January 1. So today we're leaping at the chance to see the largest exhibition of his work in North America.

Besides -- Geoff's book is out of my hands. The flap copy is written and submitted for Trafalgar Square's approval. I'm (dare I say it?) caught up. Mostly. Enough that taking a day off won't throw me hopelessly off schedule. That's enough for me.