Monday, August 21, 2006

The Things I Do for My Books

Continuing Tales from the Hawaiian Beach Shoot

Most of the photo shoot is now behind us. Charles took the photos we needed over the weekend, and has spent his time editing them ever since.

Here we are -- our entire entourage. From left to right: Savannah (moral support and flash holder extraordinaire), Jill (stage mom), the Lovely Rene (our model), Dr. Warson (the human reflector shield), and Charles. This was the first stop, the first location, the first day of shooting.

That had to be one of the most beautiful days of work I've ever done. What fun!

Yesterday, I took some time off to meet up with my friend Sheila Gallien . She's a screenwriter and consultant that I met several years ago when she was a presenter at the Austin Film Festival. She lives about an hour away from Dr. Warson, and it just worked out for us to get together, have a quick lunch, and catch up a bit.

Today we did some shots to illustrate a "typical" neurological exam -- on Dr. Warson's front porch, with the foliage, and the sun, and the waterfall... They came out beautifully.

It appears that I'll be featured in the book as well. In a moment of less than stellar critical thinking, and because no one else volunteered to do it, I said I'd be the "model" for a representational accupuncture shot. Thank heavens Dr. Warson knows what he's doing!

All in all, it's been a real joy. Today we're going to sit here in the airy, sunny, peaceful, tropically bounded kitchen and edit what we've got. Then, tomorrow, it's off to the airport and back home to reality.