Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Heading for Hawaii

The blog will go on hiatus for a week while I'm in Hawaii working the photo shoot for Dr. Warson's "Rider's Back Book." Today is full of the frenzied last-minute running around and tying up loose ends that always accompany a major trip.

If internet connections permit, I'll post updates. But with no guarantees, I won't try to plan on keeping up with daily posts for the next week or so.

The edit hit a snag -- I discovered a minor "flaw." Blast. It's not insurmountable or unfixable. It's merely a matter of two parts of the book that deal with, essentially, the same sort of information. So both parts will need to be re-read, synthesized, combined, and placed in the right place -- wherever that may be.

I did a booksigning at the Berrien County Fair last night. Always fun. Ran into quite a few people who have heard of "Carol of the Horse," and who had good things to say about it. Can't ask for more than that!