Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"Love Concerts"

So... Last week I worked dilligently for a few days typing up the manuscript for my friend Sharie's brand new book. I'm very proud of her. She took my advice (I love when people do that) and wrote an e-book -- start to finish -- in less than two weeks. And it's not bad.

I'm planning to host a two-day workshop later this fall, showing people how they can do the same thing. Sharie is going to be one of my success stories. I've told her for years she needed to write a book. Now she knows she can. She's already planning her next one.

Since she's appearing at the International Gospel Music Fan Fest in Tennessee, she wanted to be able to take the book with her and make it available to people. So I hurried. Which means I worked a little faster than I normally do. Which never bodes well.

I finished typing the document on Wednesday night. I did a too-quick-for-words proof, Robert made it into a .pdf file, and we took it to Conard's place. I prayed that I'd done a thorough enough job.

But no... We were looking at the last page -- a short bio of Sharie and a listing of her various project. The opening sentence was to tell about Sharie's appearances on television, radio, and in live concerts. Sharie looked at it and asked, "What are 'love concerts?'"


"Love concerts," of course, rendered the whole .pdf flawed and unusable. So I went back to the file and gave it a good proofing. It's a good thing I did, too. I found a few other, minor little flaws. But I was ultimately able to do a better, more thorough job. And that's always good.

It's quite possible that a few glitches got past me. But at least there are no "love concerts" in Sharie's performances any more!