Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Coaching's Catch-22

I have my monthly coaching session with Stephanie today. She's used to coaching high-powered, get-things-done business execs.

I fear that my business, with conversation starters like Guess what? I've got to go to Hawaii, and then it's off to Canada. Totally unexpected. Couldn't be helped. Got nothing done on last month's To-Do list, but accomplished these completely different things instead... would normally fly too low to register on her radar. But she's great. She's supportive. And when I do what she suggests, I feel that I accomplish much more.

The problem is -- good coaching is expensive. It also takes time. A negative cash flow often inhibits coaching. So does a jam-packed calendar. But people who desire to make more money, to free up more time, and to move up to the next level in their field are the ones who need coaching the most.

I often find myself on the other end of the Coaching Catch-22 when I help writers with their projects. Sometimes a simple, targeted 15 or 20 minute phone consultation would clarify their issues, illuminate some of their recurring weaknesses, and clear the way for them to finish -- or polish -- their work. But the money / time snag is always there, ready to trip people up and hold them back.

Stephanie is not inexpensive. But my dreams are not small, either. I've seen what she can do to help push me to bring my dreams into reality. So today I'll sidestep the Coaching Catch-22, put my money where my mouth is, and make the time for our consultation.