Monday, May 01, 2006

So It Comes To This...

I look forward to working all day writing Dr. Warson's Rider's Back Book. The book has merit, and we hope that once it's in print it finds its audience.

With that in mind, I felt compelled to share this, and ask the burning question:


It's not the book I object to. Perhaps the content is quite useful. It's the title that disturbs me. I find it genuinely unsettling that a single person on the planet thought helping self-described "dummies" live longer would be a valuable contribution to the world.

Evidently, the book does NOT contain such gems as:

"Join the armed forces. Safety is found in numbers."

"The toxicity of arsenic is overrated. A small dose, taken daily with a glass of water, is an excellent systemic preservative."

"Sky diving, bungee jumping, racing Superbikes, rock climbing, and steeplechasing are phenomenal stress relievers."

"If accosted by a mugger, thief, mobster, or drug addict, refusing to cooperate and ridiculing his parentage or IQ is an effective means of forcing him to commit a felony -- thereby increasing the chances of putting him behind bars."

"Seat belts and helmets are for wusses."

...But maybe it should.