Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rider's Wednesday -- Equine Education

As I mentioned on Monday, I spent some time this week working up a press release and flier informing people in our locale about a free Equine Clinic that will be held next Wednesday, May 17, at 6:00 p.m. at Whistler Farm in Coloma, Michigan. Sponsored by Millburg Red & White and Kent Feeds, Inc., the clinic will feature presentations from a variety of equine experts.

* Dr. George Bergman, DVM, of the Bergman Veterinary Medical Center in Cassopolis, will discuss effective equine de-worming programs & parasite control.

* Dr. Martin Langhofer, DVM, from South Bend's Western Veterinary Clinic, will speak on equine dentistry. Dr. Langhofer is an international authority on the subject.

* Mike Accoe, a Kent Feed representative will talk about equine nutrition and explain how to maintain an effective equine feeding program.

* Bradley Langhofer, a certified farrier, registered with the American Farrier Association, and a registered Veterinary Technician, will discuss trimming and shoeing issues.

Each session will include a question and answer period. Audience participation and interaction will be encouraged.

Other speakers may be added, as space and time permit. My friend, Denise, who owns Whistler Farm, will provid cold drinks and snacks for attendees. All who attend will be eligible to win valuable door prizes.

The evening promises to be both fun and informative. Denise is encouraging all horse owners, riders, and equine enthusiasts to attend. 4-H and Pony Club members are welcome, too.

It's hard to get people out of their houses for seminars, I know. And so many "horse people" think they know it all when it comes to such routine things as parasite control, feeding, dental maintenance, trimming, and shoeing. But no one can ever know everything. Where our horses are concerned, it makes sense to keep our equine education current. I hope Denise has a good turnout. I'll let you know.