Monday, April 03, 2006

Generous Expertise

Attending the Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo on Friday was just the ticket -- a day away from the office, catching up with my good friend Chari, surrounded by horse people and horses.

We met up with Dr. Langhofer, who was a featured clinician there speaking and doing demos on equine dentistry. He introduced me to Dr. Mark Russell, of Purdue, who sat and talked with me for nearly an hour about two of Trafalgar Square's books that I'm working on marketing.

What a nice man. He took time out of his busy schedule to give his considered, professional opinion on the books, and to offer several solid leads -- complete with names, titles, and contact information -- for promoting them.

He also brought a colleague of his, who also teaches ar Purdue, and who is an Extension specialist, heavily involved with 4-H, to weigh in with her opinion.

I was very impressed with the reception I received from both of them. I want to remember this for when I become famous and my expertise could be of use to someone.

I never got the feeling that I was putting them out, or putting them on the spot. They never acted as if the whole meeting was beneath them, or that they were just doing it as a favor to a friend (Which is true -- Dr. Russell is a good personal friend of Dr. Langhofer's. I'm sure he agreed to meet with me primarily on the merits of Dr. Langhofer's recommendation.).

They both spent quite a bit of time analyzing the books and offering their opinions on the merits of the books for various uses. They were willing to help me do my job -- though I had little to nothing to offer them in return.

As I said, I want to remember this. Sometimes it seems like such a drain to talk with people who want something from you -- even if that "something" is just your opinion. But it is so refreshing when people do take the time to speak with you. I'm very grateful for Dr. Russell's generosity. He made my trip to Indianapolis worthwhile -- and he didn't have to.