Thursday, April 27, 2006

It's Outta Here (For Now)

Yes, Dear Reader, the Awful Edit has, indeed, come to an end. Our photographer has a list of outstanding illustrations. The publisher has the draft of the new (and, hopefully much improved) manuscript. The Happy Dance commenced at approximately 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, and continued for quite some time. My toes are still tapping...

I don't believe that's the last I'll see of the project. But I must believe that when I see it again, it won't be a bad thing.

I'm actually quite pleased with how it has turned out. Since HWWNC has gone underground and has, essentially, signed off on the project, there is no need to worry about keeping the book in his voice. So I took the liberty to clean it up considerably. The information it contains is good (for all his idiosyncrasies, HWWNC does know what he's talking about), and I think it's presented in a cogent, easy-to-understand format. We'll see what the publisher says.

After successfully avoiding being called for jury duty once again, I'm redoubling my efforts on Dr. Warson's Back Book, hoping to make up for lost time. With any luck, I'll have the next chapter -- that's been on hiatus for the past month -- finished by Friday.

I had my first session with Stephanie, my new Life Coach, on Tuesday. One of my homework assignments is to map out a plan to finish writing a draft of the Back Book by the end of May. I told her that I had such a mapped out plan for March, and another one for April. Perhaps, however, the third time's a charm.

There's other homework, too. It's not done yet. I'll post my thoughts on it when it's finished. Suffice to say that I think Stephanie knows her stuff. I told her I wanted her to help me find more hours in my day. I believe she may be able to do it.

In any case, the Emergency Edit is officially over. We now return to our normally scheduled lives...