Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Little Things

Yesterday was spent taking care of "little things." And -- irritatingly enough -- not all of the little things I had to do got crossed off my list.

I wrote a few thank you notes... but have more to do.

I sent out a demo DVD and CD with high-res .jpgs of the illustrations for a quote for designing and printing "Carol of the Horse"... but need to find the funds to do the job.

I finalized some marketing materials for another book that will be promoted at the Columbus Equine Affaire this coming weekend... but still have to print them out.

I answered a few e-mails and put out a few fires... but there's always more of that sort of thing to be done.

And I braved the horrible, windy weather to drive into town and get horse feed... which meant I was away from the office and not being productive.

See? Lots of little things got done. But that just leaves the big ones still on my plate for today. Today's task for tackling: write a significant portion of the next chapter of Dr. Warson's book. Onward and upward!