Thursday, October 19, 2006

"Will It Blog?"

I received an e-mail from Dr. Warson that ended with the question "Will it blog?"

So, to him, and to the others who have reminded me that there have been no new posts for a week, the answer is, "Oh, alright."

It's so nice to be missed.

I have to admit, I had no real intentions of taking a hiatus for the last week. I had every intention of buckling down and finishing up some major projects. Which I did.

* The "Rider's Back Book" manuscript received a final once-over and then got sent on its merry way and arrived safely at the Trafalgar Square offices. (1 day)

* My barn got cleaned within an inch of its life. Everything portable got dragged outside. The loft above one stall came down. So did a season's worth of cobwebs in the rafters. The hay storage area received a complete (much needed) makeover. Much unnecessary junk found its way into the trash. (2 days)

* It SNOWED! Several inches! Which, of course, necessitated an immediate trip into town to obtain winter boots and coats for my daughter (who had the audacity to grow out of last year's warm things). (1 day)

* I'm in the middle of planning a big Special Bonus Event for Geoff Teall's book. This involves much text writing, e-mailing, researching, and late-night-oil-burning. Nothing ever proceeds as smoothly or goes as quickly as I think it should. (3 days. So far.)

* Did several hours of marketing research and made my weekly recommendations. Sometimes it seems that the information just isn't there. Other times, there appears to be a wealth of riches. This last excursion resulted in what could be a gold mine of opportunities for my client. I love when that happens, but writing up the recommendations when there is so much information to cover can take quite a bit of time. (1 day)

* Several house projects just couldn't wait any longer. Among them: patching a section of concrete in our basement and getting the on / off switch to the furnace repaired (see the earlier comment re: several inches of snow) (1 day)

As you can see, more than a week's worth of things have happened in the past week. The blog just wasn't one of them.

But all that has changed. Rest assured, it will blog again.

(In case you were wondering, Dr. Warson assured me that the Kona earthquake earlier this week did only minimal damage to his home. Ah, the dangers of living in Paradise...)