Thursday, October 05, 2006

Blame It On The Rain

Yesterday, though my parents are here to offer a week's worth of free help around the farm, and we had great plans for finishing the new riding ring, very little actually got accomplished at the Hendrickson house. This is because, for what seems like the 20th straight day, it rained. It didn't pour. There was no soothing, relaxing pitter-patter on the roof. No -- it just rained... then stopped... then rained... then stopped. Bleah.

The pasture is under water. The stalls are flooding. The fence posts still waiting to be set into place are practically floating in their water-logged holes.

I'd promised to take the day off work. In the morning, while the clouds still retained some of their moisture, my dad and I dragged downed trees near the burn pile. Then the ick started up again, so we did the obvious thing, and went shopping.

The mosquitoes are horrific. The horses are completely covered in mud. I've already mentioned the sorry state of the barn and pasture. And to top it all off, my studio is still not here, because the delivery truck would probably sink out of sight in my super-saturated yard.

The good news is that the audio files for two teleseminars I recently recorded are done. Now, there's just a little bit of work required on the workbooks that accompany them, and they'll be ready for the masses.

* One is titled "Before You Begin." It suggests 10 easy-to-follow things for writers to do before starting a big writing project to help streamline the entire process, keep yourself focused, and remain on track.

* The other tells authors how to be "Champion For a Day." It suggests "Tried and True Things You Can Do Right Now to Promote Your Non-Fiction Book."

Both will be available through Muse Ink later this year. As I said, there is still some work and some polishing to be done. But it's exciting to have the audio part crossed off my "To Do" list. Some things the rain can't interfere with...

Today, we've set our sights upon the riding arena fence again. It remains to be seen whether or not the Weather Gods will smile upon us.