Thursday, October 26, 2006

Too Successful?

As you might imagine, we're still recuperating from the Event whirlwind.

For over 24 hours, beginning on October 25, Geoff Teall on Riding Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation was THE #1 best-selling Horse Book on

It was ranked the #4 bestselling Individual Sports book, and we cracked the Top 25 Sports books (#21 was our best).

In one way, the Event was a little too successful: we also sold Amazon out of stock. People who ordered their books later in the day were informed that they had a 6 to 12 day shipping wait ahead of them.

(As an interesting side note, the paperback of the book was ranked 200,000 or so when we began. On October 25th, it climbed to 64,000, and stayed between 60- and 80-thousand all day.)

When the Event began, the hardcover was ranked 102,545. (Meaning, 102,544 titles were doing better than ours. Most disconcerting) We got as high as 1,267. All day we were between 1,267 and 2,800. That carried over into Thursday, when the book was still ranked in the top 10,000 for most of the day.

(Of course, there is no real thing as too successful. I wanted #1 overall -- but that's evidently something I'll have to wait for until the next Bonus Event.)

We received several unsolicited notes from participants telling us how happy they were to get the book, thanking whatever organization let them know about the Event, and looking forward to their Bonuses.

As I looked over the results after the dust had settled, I was happy to see several names I recognized who had taken advantage of the Bonus Event. You know who you are. Thanks to all who made it the success it was.

But enough kudos and laurel-resting -- it's time to move on. Much still remains on October's List of Things To Do. Because, in reality, there's no such thing as "Too Successful..."