Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rider's Wednesday -- "iGallop" Away!

Special thanks to my friend SH who, when she's not swinging from the rafters of her parents' garage (you'd have to ask her, but it's a funny story...), is browsing online for all sorts of nifty, gotta-have-'em gadgets.

Like the iGallop, with three handy speeds: Trot, Gallop, and -- for a real workout -- Race. It sits in your home, looking for all the world like a high-tech whoopie cushion, just begging you to stay indoors, leave your horse in the barn, and go for a virtual ride. What's next? the iWheelbarrow? With iPitchfork? The iHaybale or iFeedbags?

The reality is, those of us who enjoy riding actually like horses. We don't want a virtual experience. We want the Real Thing. When I have the time to ride, the last thing I want to do is find another excuse to keep me indoors. And I doubt that the iGallop is half as good company as my boys in the pasture...

Don't believe me? Then by all means, order yours today.

Book Update

"The Rider's Back Book" is as done as it can be for now. The text edit and photo selection is finished. All that remains is for Dr. Warson to read it and approve of the final wording, for Charles to tweak a few last pictures, and for the selection and placement of a few medical illustrations. Happy day!

With any luck, I'll have a few days of R & R to relax with my family, paint a room or two, and clean my house and barn. I also have a few personal projects I've been wanting to get to work on, as well as some in-depth marketing work. And there's always the contract negotiation for the next book project waiting in the wings. But it's good to be close to signing off on this project. It's been fun! Can't wait to see it in print.