Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Labors

Had hoped to have the comprehensive book edit done by now, but it's not to be... Great progress has been made, but life intrudes on occasion, too. Went to lunch with my friend Denise on Friday, took Cassandra to the park Saturday evening, took time out to watch a video with Karen last night -- a sort of "last movie night" before she leaves us to head West tomorrow. You can't work all the time.

So, today, which I had hoped to have free to play with my family, will be yet another day of labor. That's ok; the end really is in sight. And there are many plans for the time that frees up, including finishing the riding ring, painting the guest room, rearranging Cassandra's closet, downsizing the toys and clothes we've accumulated and CLEANING MY HOUSE! All that "normal" stuff has been held at arm's length for far too long, but is now impinging on my consciousness and demanding attention.

Still, before I can get to any of that, the book must be done. So -- back to the trenches. Happy Labor Day!