Friday, September 23, 2011

Birthday Wishes, Awards, and Worthwhile #Writing Blogs

Yesterday was my birthday (cue the confetti shower and the kazoo salute).

Last year on my birthday, I posted my Wishes for Wannabe & Working Writers. I had every intention of revamping the post and proffering it again because everything I said a year ago holds true: I wish you enough...

But birthdays are not about revisiting the past. They're about marking a moment in time and marching forward into the fray of the future with bravery, however misplaced it may be. Earlier this week, JKP at The Manicheans blog bestowed upon me The Lovely Blog Award.

And I didn't get her anything. ~sigh~

The terms of accepting said award are simple: say 7 things about yourself and nominate 15 other blog recipients. (Hmm... There is a very real fear that if I continue to accept blog awards, there will be no secrets left between me and thee. Then the mystery will be gone and the honeymoon will be over. ::sniff::)

Well, since my birthday got me thinking about all the stuff I'd still like to do in life, I figured I'd share my dreams with you. Perhaps my shouting them out to the world will make me more accountable and kick my ever-widening butt to get off the couch and go do them!

So here, in no particular order are a few things I'd like to have checked off my life list when my last birthday comes and some of the things that, IMO, make life worth living:

Wishes & Wants

1. I'd like to ride a bareback, bridleless musical freestyle demonstration that knocks peoples' socks off.  Like Stacey Westfall. (See her in the video below. ~sigh~ Gives me equal parts warm fuzzies and cold chills. It's so lovely.)  I've got it all choreographed in my mind. I know the music, the movements, and the maneuvers. My vision of it is *fantastic.* In reality, however, I'm still in the need-the-bridle-to-control-direction phase.

2.  I want to sit in a theatre with a crowd of strangers and watch the screening of a movie I've written. I'd love to have you join me. I'll share my popcorn.

3.  I want to set foot on every continent and visit at least 50 countries. (Current tally: alas: only 2 continents and 9 countries.) Ideally, such travel includes equitrekking with someone who knows the area. 'Cause everything's better when seen from horseback. :D

4.  I want to be an extra in a movie. Either as an extra rider or as "Uncredited Screaming Woman." You know: the one who, in a grade-Z film screams bloody murder after discovering the approaching zombie hordes? Yeah, that. I want to do that.

Lifetime Loves

5.  I've never met a dog I didn't like and I love everything about puppies: the smell of puppy breath, their petal-soft fur, their innocent eyes, and their boundless optimism. I wish we could give a puppy infusion directly into the veins of every elected politician.

6.  Every day I thank God that I am graced to spend some more time on this planet with my family: my favorite people who encourage my dreams while simultaneously keeping me humble.

7.  I would love to personally shake the hand of the first person to discover how to brew coffee. Seriously. He (or she) was pure genius.

And now I shall pass the One Lovely Blog Award on to some of my wonderful writerly Triberr friends. Some people claim to have "writing blogs" but, instead have "BUY MY BOOK!!! blogs." (I despise those and would never knowingly steer you toward them.) Not these folks. They each have writing-related blogs worth checking out.

*  Amberr Meadows (@Amberrisme) "Like a Bump on a Blog"
*  Trish Gentry (@VaChicklet) "ChickletsLit"
*  Shannon Mayer (@QueryAddict) "Wringing Out Words"
*  Martin Gijzemijter (@MagWrites) "Dinner With God"
*  Jeremy Rodden (@toonopolis) "Toonopolis"

*  Van Heerling (@VanHeerling) "Van Heerling Books"
*  Shannon Taylor Hodnett (@shanonaryder) "Shanona Writer"
*  Lindsay Wheble (@Lyndsay_Wheble) "Tolstoy is my Cat"
*  Martin King (@themartinking) "Martin King"
*  Stef Mcdaid (@Ukeditor) "Write Into Print"

*  Eri Nelson (@dearharts) "Dearharts"
*  Karina Cox (@karina_cox) "Pondhopper Musings"
*  Lisa Goodwin (@LGoodwin80107) "Lisa Goodwin's Blog"
*  Belinda Witzenhausen (@Bwitzenhausen) "Belinda Witzenhausen" (graphics to inspire creativity)
*  Jen DeSantis (@JenD_Author) "A Measure of Madness"

Visit them, and tell them I said "hi!" Oh -- and if you wish, buy their books. I'm sure they wouldn't mind but they won't smack you over the head and hold you hostage in order to make a sale.



Lyndsay Wheble said...

Thanks Ami, I'm thrilled! Your blog is definitely beyond 'worthwhile' too!! :D x

Amberr Meadows said...

Ami, thanks so much for the lovely commendation. You are lovely yourself, and totally deserving of any award.

Love your writing style, too. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! ooxx

Amberr Meadows said...

Oh, and I forgot...adorable pup!

Samuel_Clemons said...

there's no such thing as an ugly puppy.... ( i stole that from a guy who passed it down from his grandpa, who stole it from it's a well seasoned truth )

i tweet from my burrow @Samuel_Clemons

Nicole Pyles said...

Congrats on the award! New follower and fellow writer! :)

Lauren @ Pure Text said...

I like how you put that birthdays aren't for looking at the past, that they're for "marching forward into the fray of the future with bravery." That's how I tend to look at birthday's primarily, if with some sadness for years past.

My favorite item on your list is the one about you wanting to sit in a theater with all the moviegoers to see YOUR movie. I can imagine you (...even if I don't know what you look like, lol) sitting slouched in the seat, nomming popcorn, maybe wearing a navy hoodie. Lol.

Ami Hendrickson said...

Lyndsay & Amberr, thanks for the kind words. Love your blogs as well.

Samuel, you silly ferret. Thanks for commenting. Puppies totally rule. Here: ~crinkles a PopTart wrapper & throws it~ Just for you!

(Oh: I had to change the puppy picture. MorgueFile wouldn't cooperate, so I had to use one of mine. That's Sera, our English Mastiff. Wasn't she cute?)

Nicole: thanks so much for following. Good luck on all your writing dreams!

Lauren: You made me smile! That's my favorite list item, too. I even have the hoodie chosen to wear on the auspicious occasions. :D