Monday, July 03, 2006

Scotland's Seer

My friend, Karen, discovered today's link online, and we've been enjoying a rousing discussion of it ever since.

I was unfamiliar with the tale of Thomas the Rhymer, the 13th century Scottish seer who disappeared for seven years and came back with the gift of Future Sight. Even cynics who disregard the romance, mythology, and mystery of the story (what sad souls, those people must be) can surely find something of interest in the facts of the story.

In a nutshell, Thomas was a normal guy who vanished for a lengthy time -- and then reappeared, claiming he hadn't been gone long at all (smacks of time travel, n'est ce pas?). He'd been abducted, he said, by the Queen of the Fairies, but had been charged never to tell what he'd seen in his absence.

In exchange for his silence, he was gifted with prophetic abilities. The accuracy of his visions of the future is amazing. Check out the story for yourself. It's a fascinating read.

The 4th of July holiday, a house full of visiting family members, and much to do before I leave for the New England / Canadian whirlwind tour have conspired against a post today that directly addresses the writing life. But there's something to be said for taking a trip 800 years back in time and doing a little exploring.

After all:

There is more in heaven and earth...
Than is dreamt of in your philosophy.