Monday, June 19, 2006

Mid-Month Update

Dr. Warson's "Rider's Back Book" is done! Well, the text of the mansucript is written. It's not illustrated or edited yet, but that's not the point. The writing part is FINISHED!

I finished it Friday evening. Just in time to do the Happy Dance and kick back and enjoy the weekend:

Robert and I took Cassandra to the park after church for a picnic and to play on the playground...

Visited an old friend for a while...

Enjoyed a bonfire and ice cream cones at our neighbors...

Read a magazine...

Played with Theo (saddled him, attached big, bouncy empty laundry detergent jugs to the saddle, and proceded with our normal groundwork -- Fun!)...

Started tearing down the remaining fencing of our old paddock, making room for the new fence...

Went to dinner (Moo's Chinese) and a movie (The Lake House)for Father's Day.

All in all, a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

Now, back to reality. I have "homework" to do before my next (and last, ::sniff::) session on Tuesday with my Life Coach, Stephanie. It involves taking as objective a look as possible at my current and projected business, and developing materials that accurately depict what it is that I do.

That's on today's agenda -- all day long. I've been thinking about some of the issues that need to be addressed in things like:

* website design
* one-sheets
* opt-in pages
* business cards, and
* workshop and conference materials.

I've also been spending a lot of time thinking about who my ideal clients are, and figuring out the best way to connect with them and deliver quality, personal services that are tailored to fit their needs.

The planning has come a long way, but not all the bugs are worked out yet. Stay tuned for future updates.

In other news, I received this e-mail over the weekend from the wonderful folks at

Hi Ami,
Hope this note finds you well. I wanted to let you know we reprinted
one of your free articles, The Care and Feeding of Press Releases in last week's Absolute Write weekly newsletter. Thanks so much!

Best regards,
Amy Brozio-Andrews
Managing editor
Absolute Write

I'm always happy when Absolute Write says "hello." They do a very good job of connecting writers of all levels and genres with reputable, useable information. (And some of it is mine!)