Friday, June 16, 2006

"The End" is Near

On Thursday, I finished the first draft of the next-to-last chapter of Dr. Warson's Back Book. Wheee! With any luck (and a lot of babysitting on Robert's part), I'll make a big enough dent in the final chapter today to put the finishing touches on it over the weekend.

I love it when the end is near. It makes me start to think about all the things I've been putting off that may soon get done. The schedule fills up quickly, I've discovered.

Received this in yesterday's mail:

Hi Ami,

I saw your article on Press Releases on Absolute Write and loved it. I went to your site to try and contact you and found the one on bios equally interesting. I was thrilled to see I could post them at my web site with your bio and credit. I have them posted at Global Authors Publications on Articles 2 page. I hope they inspire others as much as they did me.

Kathleen Walls,
Publisher, Global Authors Publications

I wrote and thanked her for including me on her site. And gladly felt like the Snap-On guy (see yesterday's post).

Incidentally, we put the horses out in their new pasture yesterday. Theo enjoyed running through the field. For the older two geldings, it was a non-event. They just stuck their muzzles into the grass and began eating. I don't believe they moved more than ten feet the whole day.