Monday, March 20, 2006

Back to the Blog

Since the blog has been on hiatus for the past 10 days, I've received some very interesting comments on it. (You never know who's reading you...)

My mother, of course, always has an opinion -- I come by the trait honestly. When I blogged every day, Mom's reaction was, "There's just SO MUCH to read! And I don't really want to know all that much about writing."

To which I said, "You're not really the target audience. If you're not interested, skim. Or skip."

Now that I've skipped a week and a half, Mom's comment is, "I don't know what's going on!"


I've found out who read the blog primarily on Wednesdays, for the horse-themed postings.

I've discovered who read regularly, and who resent missing their daily fix. (Hey, "Pibgorn" went from daily to three times a week. I know what it's like...)

And I've learned that I miss posting regularly. I thought of going to a weekly posting -- and still may do so. But I really enjoyed the daily log. So I'm going to try to shorten the posts, in order to limit the time I spend on "non-work" writing...

From the In-Box

I received this note over the weekend:

I just read your review of Eight Below, and come on - it wasn't a bad
movie - in my humble little opinion. Yes, the truth behind the "true
story" does differ greatly from the movie, but it was a great movie! I
just researched the facts behind the Japanese true story, and yeah, it
was very different from the movie, but I don't feel cheated. I think
the idea was definately based on a true story for sure.

Anyhow, I just watched it and have to admit that it brought a tear
drop to my good eye. Seriously, I just had to disagree with you on
this one. You write great stuff, but I just figure there are way more
ridiculous movies out there to poke fun at than a genuine "feel good"

Maybe I'm weird, I like dogs and man, that movie was great! In my opinion.

Anyhow, keep up the good work - just had to offer my two cents on that one.

To which I replied:

I'm always glad when people take the time to write to me. I won't quibble with you for liking a movie that I found only "OK." There are many, many films I love that others love to hate. (Remember -- I DID cry every time a dog died in "8 Below." So I didn't hate the film. I just won't buy it when it comes out on DVD...)

Thanks again for writing. Maybe there's a film out there that we can both agree on. Recent viewings include "V for Vendetta," "Failure to Launch" and "16 Blocks" in theaters, "40 Year Old Virgin," "Just Friends," "The Order" (with Heath Ledger and Shannyn Sossamon -- not the one with VanDamme), "Constantine," "Jarhead," and "The Brothers Grimm" on DVD. Care to weigh in with an opinion on any of them?

In Other News

Much going on here in the Hendrickson house. Lots of work done on the marketing work for the publisher.

Jumped in and got started writing the missing two chapters on HWWNC's book -- since he is now permanently AWOL from the project. Hope to have at least one, if not both of the chapters finished by the end of this next week. Crossing my fingers that work on this manuscript does not compromise the deadline of Dr. Warson's book.

Speaking of which... the preliminary draft of the first two chapters of Dr. Warson's book are written and have his approval. Rah!

Geoff's book needed some color correction to the photographs in the final printer proofs that resulted in the release date for the book being moved to mid-May. :(

Crossing our fingers for "Carol of the Horse" in the coming week. Possible sponsorship of the manuscript is emminent, which means that if all goes well, the book could be in print before the MEGA Book Marketing conference in July...

And once again, I've written far more than intended. Tune in tomorrow for another (SHORT) installment.