Monday, March 08, 2010

Awards Season

or, Thoughts on Having "One Lovely Blog"

Since I was not nominated for an Oscar this year, I assumed that the early-March awards season would pass me by. Thanks to Karen at the always interesting Fiction for Dessert, I was mistaken.

Karen has bestowed my humble blog with the One Lovely Blog Award. Thanks! I'm touched. I really am. I don't know Karen. I've never met her. To think that someone other than my mother reads my posts and finds something to appreciate about them is exceedingly gratifying.

I researched the 1LBA to find its origins and -- after a brief, but targeted search online -- I couldn't. I did discover that other recipients have also failed in the task, so at least I'm not alone in my search-engine shortfall.

Accepting the award comes with certain responsibilities. One must:

1.) Post it on your blog and include the name of the person (and a link to his or her blog) who bestowed it upon you.

2.) Pass the award on to 15 other blogs you have recently enjoyed. [This one changes, depending upon the blog you check. Some say "10 other blogs." Some say "another blog." It's a sort of chain-letter approach to alerting the world to blogs you like.]

3.) Contact the awarded bloggers and let them know that you have awarded their work.

Now, I am all for telling people that I like their work. However, I have several minor speedbumps to address as I wend my way down the road to award acceptance.

Some of the blogs that I follow are -- well -- HUGE. Their writers certainly don't need lil ol' me telling them that I love their work.

Others have decidedly masculine writers who, I daresay, may not be all that thrilled with having a veddy, veddy pink, flowery award flung in their direction.

Still others are maintained by personal friends. Awarding them smacks of nepotism. Kind of like my Mom sending me kudos.

Ah, but where would the world be without flowers, little people thanking big ones, and supporting our friends? With this thought in mind, I hereby bequeath the award of "One Lovely Blog" to these gems (in no particular order):

1. Red Headed Quilter by writer & avid quilter Kelly Smith.

2. Author & educator Trudy Morgan-Cole's Hypergrafitti.

3. Barbara Simpson's funny, poignant, introspective comments on a life in which she is Never a Barbie.

4. Christian writer, book reviewer, and Nashville-to-Michigan transplant Janet Morris Grimes' Pursuit of Sappiness features reviews, devotionals, musings on parenting and writing, & more.

5. The prolific and poetic agent Suzie Townsend's Confessions of a Wandering Heart.

6. Agent's assistant Rayna Erlick's transparent and articulate Rayna Reads.

7. Stuntman and dedicated freerunner Paul Darnell's Live Free or Die is a motivating, energetic, behind-the-scenes look into an athlete's life.

8. The indispensable blog of uber-agent Nathan Bransford.

9. Missy Frye's Incurable Disease of Writing. (Snapshots on this blog can be annoying, but Missy is very transparent about her writing struggles & she regularly features guest posts.) [Truth in advertising -- sometimes she features Yours Truly...]

10. The amazingly versatile and prolific Cherie Burbach's Working Writers & Bloggers blog is packed with writing advice, guest posts, & interviews. [More truth in advertising: she featured an interview with me in December, 2009.]

11. The technically gifted Terisa Green writes a brilliant blog that is chock-full of tips to strengthen the writer's craft.

12. Trucker and aspiring adventure writer Daniel Audet writes lyrical posts about the roadblocks that all writers struggle with on The Writers Road. He only writes occasionally, which makes each post resonate even more.

13. Literary agent Chip MacGregor's regularly answers reader's questions about the publishing industry on his blog.

14. Adrian-Luc Sanders -- eternally interesting and hyper-opinionated -- discusses writing and editing in great uncensored detail at Kowloon by Night.

15. The charming Australian-by-way-of-NZ YA writer Karen Healey (not to be confused with the amazing equestrienne of the same name) chronicles her life in Chocolate in the Fruit Bowl. She is also the guest blogger / Writer in Residence at Inside A Dog for the month of March.

Thanks to all of you for enriching my reading, expanding my understanding, or just making me laugh! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the blogs I've mentioned: I encourage you to check them out at your earliest opportunity. Happy reading!


RedHeadedQuilter said...

Thank you!

Trouble is, some of the blogs I like best will overlap with some of yours. Oh well. They'll get it twice. ;)

I'll have to work on my list after lunch.


Ami Hendrickson said...


I'm sure they'll be honored at the multiple readership! Several of my chosen recipients will only learn of their awards if they self-Google, I fear. I just couldn't bring myself to post "here's your award" comments on the Big Ones' blogs. And a few other blogs wouldn't take comments.

That doesn't stop me from reading them, enjoying them, or recommending them to others, however.


Janet Morris Grimes said...

Wow. Thank you so much.

I'd like to thank Ami Hendrickson first for sharing her wisdom and having a blog that has already made a difference in my life.

And secondly, I will have to come up with fifteen blogs to return the favor. After tomorrow, when I meet my latest deadline.

And third, do we have to buy low cut dresses and get our hair done in order to receive this award? Because at the moment, I am barefoot and in sweat pants and "lovely" is not the word I think of as I look in the mirror....

Ami Hendrickson said...


It's a come-as-you-are kind of thing. You look great! And, for heaven's sake, meet your deadline first! :)


Missy Frye said...

Thank you Ami, you're very sweet to think of my blog. I think I'll turn off the snapshots - they annoy me too.

Ami Hendrickson said...

Missy -
I do like your blog. Fan of it, and of what you do - but not the snaps. But they don't keep me from reading! :) Keep on keeping on!


Anonymous said...


This is so sweet of you! I have a policy not to pass these things on, but I had to leave a comment telling you how pleased I was to receive this.


Terisa Green said...

Hey Ami,

Well, just thanks so much for listing me above. I'm entirely I sure that I (and my blog) don't deserve it, but I am indeed grateful nonetheless! Looking forward to getting to know you online!

All the best,


Barbara Simpson said...


I just saw the link to this on my blog. Not sure how I missed it--or how I found it. Now I can't find the link again. Hmph. But the important this is THANK YOU!