Monday, February 22, 2010

Got Something to Say? I Want to Hear It!

or, Thoughts on Motivating People to Give a Crap

Today, Irene Watson of Reader Views posted an interesting editorial on what to say to promote one's writing. In essence, the acid test is finding a way to "move the dial on the Who Gives A Crap Meter."

Trumpeting one's work, one's accomplishments, and one's undertakings can be a daunting task. Many writers were raised as I was -- on a firm foundation of "don't blow your own horn." Even those who find it easy to engage in shameless self-promotion quickly discover that telling the world about your writing and getting the people of the world to read what you've written are two wildly different things.

Too often, we forget that promotion for promotion's sake ("My book is now available! Buy it!") is just so much easily tuned-out noise.

However, promotion for the audience's sake ("Want to know how to stay wildly in love even after 20 years of marriage? My new book shows how easy it is! You'll love falling in love again!") is something else entirely. When done correctly, promoting one's writing can become akin to a Public Service instead of another annoying ad.

Want the opportunity to tell the world about your writing? It doesn't matter whether you're famous, whether you've "Made It," or whether you are just scraping by. If you write because you have to, because it moves you, or because it feeds your soul, I want to hear about it. And I'm not alone.

This modest little blog exists to encourage writers -- regardless of genre or experience -- with concrete, usable advice that they can apply to improve their craft and their careers.

Through the month of March, I plan to feature a series of Q & A interviews with working writers and other creatives. I want to focus primarily on what helps writers to stay on track, keeps them motivated, inspires them, and challenges them to improve. To that end, I'm looking for writers willing to provide interviews.

To be featured, a writer doesn't need to be a "famous author." A writer doesn't even need to be published... yet. You just need to be actively engaged in improving your craft and -- here's the key -- willing to tell others what has worked for you.

Any writers interested in providing an interview, please comment below and I'll get in touch with you. Any personal contact information will be edited out during comment moderation.

I look forward to getting to know some wonderfully creative people and can't wait to introduce them to my readers!

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