Monday, July 13, 2009

A Clean Well-Lighted Place

This Tuesday, July 14, beginning at 6:00, the newly formed Novel Writing Practicum will meet at Isabella's Tapas Bistro (formerly the "Hacienda") in Benton Harbor.

I thought I'd try this location before the Practicum became too entrenched in a way of doing things. If it works, it could be a good thing -- Isabella's has good food at reasonable prices, so people won't have to miss supper to attend the Practicum. Also, because Isabella's doesn't have the space issues that my writing loft does, there may be no need to limit the number of participants in the Practicum.

In any case, it will be worth a try.

This week, we'll be working on Character Creation. Participants are encouraged to bring 4 copies of one chapter (up to 10 pages) and workshop it with regard to the characters that people it. We'll explore different filters to apply to our writing, in order to bump the characters off the page and into our readers' minds.

It promises to be an interesting, challenging, and stimulating evening. (Writers who wish to join us should contact me for details.) Looking forward to it!