Wednesday, June 17, 2009

By the Rivers of Brooklyn

I am always thrilled to help my friends who are writers celebrate their successes. My latest friend with a great writing success story is Trudy Morgan-Cole, who recently saw her book "By the Rivers of Brooklyn" printed.

You are invited to the online launch party for the book -- an invitation of special interest to all writers.

Go to this link on and order the book today, June 17, 2009. Not only will you get an enjoyable read hot off the press, but you will also be entered in a drawing for two cool Writer Related prizes.

FIRST prize is a detailed manuscript evaluation of either your novel or non-fiction book from Trudy herself. What an excellent opportunity to have a critique from an award-winning working writer -- just for the price of a book!

I am providing the second prize to another lucky winner with writing aspirations.

I'll be donating a complete Character Development Practicum: A personalized one-on-one character development session that includes brainstorming, arc planning, developing backstory and personal history, dialogue development, determining motivators, and defining characteristics.

I do this for every major character for every major project, and it's one of the things I teach my Workshop students to do.

When Trudy awards the prize, the winner can send me a Word .doc or .pdf of his or her character's introductory scene, a second pivotal scene, and notes on the character's purpose and journey. I will read the scenes in a timely manner and respond via either e-mail OR a 30-minute personal phone consult (US and CAN only) at the winner's convenience and at no expense. [Winners may determine whether they would prefer to communicate via e-mail or phone.] For 30 days afterward, I will answer related follow-up questions and discuss further character development strategies via e-mail.

So there you have it: Two extra reasons to support an online book launch, in addition to being one of the first people to get your hands on a great new book!

(To be entered in the drawing for the prizes, you must follow the instructions on the launch page. Good luck!)

In Other News

The Major Project for the USHJA is in the middle of the layout and design process. All appears to be on track with that...

Ryan's book is as done as I can make it for now, and is awaiting further content and clarification.

The Marathon Man screenplay has had a wonderful breakthrough moment involving a major character and pivotal story stuff. Paul and I are working on it daily, polishing it up and making it perfect... as perfect as possible.

Most of the Marathon Man book proposal is finished and has his blessing. The only thing to do is finish up the Sample Chapter. Unfortunately, work on the screenplay has cut into work on the book proposal. Resolving to better divvy up my time, because I really want to get the proposal to the agent who has evidenced an interest in it before she forgets she said "send it."

I'm in the middle of conducting a Writer's Workshop at the Coloma Library on Tuesdays through June. Last night's session focused on "Planning and Plotting." Over 20 people attend each week. I think it's going quite well. I know I certainly enjoyed teaching it. I'll post expanded notes from the sessions as blog entries in future days. I love being in front of a classroom again.

Next weekend (June 26 & 27), I'll be in the middle of a classroom, attending a small niche Writer's Conference in Grand Rapids with another writer friend of mine. Looking forward to getting away for a bit and getting recharged (hopefully). I have two manuscripts to edit before we go, however. Which means that I should end the update and get back to work.

See you all at the virtual book launch!