Monday, May 11, 2009

Scripting Christian

or: File This Under "Problems I'd Love to Have..."

So, Christian Bale is reported to have "forced" the writers of Terminator Salvation to have written a larger part for John Connor... and this is reported upon in such a way as to make the Dark Knight seem petulant and diva-like.

What a very dreary life some writers must lead:



WRITER: Hullo?

AGENT: Hey! Bale says he'll sign on to do your script, but only if you make his part bigger.

WRITER: Oh, man! I have to do more work? Writing words to be uttered by one of the more interesting and watchable actors working today? Are you kidding me? That could take hours. Days even...

AGENT: Right now, the part of John Connor is kind of small. You think YOUR name on the one-sheet is going to put butts in seats?

WRITER: ::grumble::


All I have to say is: Cry me a river!

Remember what they say -- "Directors are replaced because of a difference in vision. Writers are replaced because... it's Tuesday."

In Other News

I have a phone conference tonight with the subject of the biopic I've been working on for the past few months with my friend and colleague Paul Martin. We're going to discuss the possibilities for putting together a book that would expand upon the life story that the movie will explore.

I have a wonderful agent who has agreed to take a look at the proposal when it's ready. So... fingers crossed.

And if Christian calls, tell him I'll write him as many lines as he wants...