Friday, April 17, 2009

The Best Part of the Project...

The Great Biopic Screenwriting Project is finished! ::RAH! Yee-ha!::

Of course, all writers know that NO project is ever truly finished. There is always something we feel could be done to improve it. Be that as it may, it's done for now. It got its WGA and LC registration, has been converted into a .pdf, and my friend and co-writer Paul has sent it on to Those Who Matter -- including the real-life subject of the project. All that is left to do now is sit and wait for the notes to come in.

Some days, I think finishing a thing, and doing the Happy Dance at the finale is the best part of a project.

It's not like there's nothing else to do while I wait for the client's notes. My Major VIP Client has come through with an entire project's worth of illustrations that must be reviewed and captioned. A strict deadline looms in the near future, so I have earmarked part of this afternoon and most of Sunday to the task.

Truth be told, I'm quite looking forward to it. I haven't yet seen any of the illustrations, and the text that they are to illuminate is already carved in stone. In many instances, because it's so straightforward, captioning could be construed as the best part of a project.

I've been asked to present another Writer's Workshop -- something I am always happy to do.

I've been given free rein to talk about anything I want to (which goes a long way to making me smile uncontrollably). I'm thinking that in addition to a short workshop on more general topics for novice writers, I'd like to conduct a lengthier, more intensive workshop for those wanting to develop and complete a novel or screenplay already in progress.

I love speaking to others about their writing dreams and suggesting ways that they can move to make those dreams reality. Sometimes I consider that the best part of what I do for a living.

And then there is the ongoing development of Ryan Gingerich's book. Ryan is very clear about what he wants to say and how he wants to say it. He's engaging and loquacious. He has a voice that readily translates to the written word without losing its defining characteristics. And (so far) he approves of the way his book is coming along.

Often, converting someone's raw spoken material into polished prose is the best part of a project.

Ah, but all of those "bests" lose a bit of their luster when compared to the heady rush of being struck with a Great Idea. That's what happened to me last Friday. With little to no warning, a New Killer Idea hit me -- and I haven't been able to stop thinking of it since. I have 4 notebooks currently in various stages of the story development. I've shared the premise with only two other people -- and they are now clamoring for daily updates. It's good. It's exciting. It's challenging...

And it's all I want to do.

I've had to force myself to work on my clients' projects...

... to do regular household duties...

... to eat and to sleep, for crying out loud!

I am "with book" -- full of the promise and potential of this new project. OOooo, I love the obsession. I haven't experienced it for over a year, and am realizing how very much I MISSED it.

So, though there are many good things about the various phases of writing projects, if I had to cast my vote for the BEST PART, this would be it.

To every writer out there: here's to great beginnings!