Sunday, August 05, 2007

Baby Braden's Song

A dear, dear friend had twin boys on July 12. One week ago, I attended her "Meet the Babies" shower, where I held sweet little Braden for several hours while he slept. On Wednesday, he died. Braden Michael Roberts was three weeks old.

Some things in this world make no sense at all.

My heart just aches for the family. In times like these, there is nothing anyone can say or do. There will always be a Braden-sized hole in their lives.

Several years ago -- before I had a child -- a song about how precious a little baby is just "dropped in." It came to me, music, lyrics & all, in its entirety in a matter of minutes.

Yesterday, I sang a new version at Braden's funeral. It's strange how changing only a few words intrinsically alters the meaning of something.

Braden's Song:

I held heaven’s littlest angel
In my arms.
You looked at me and suddenly
I knew angel-charms.
And I thank you, Lord,
For sending me this precious child
And letting heaven’s littlest angel
Visit for awhile.

1.) When you laughed, I heard music.
So I know
You are where you belong --
Your voice must be raised
In the heavenly choir –
For with each breath you took
I heard angel song.


2.) Everything about you was a miracle.
Your smile
Lent my heart angel wings.
I never knew
Until I met you
All the love and the joy
Such a little angel brings.

Dear Lord, I pray,
Show me the way
Other angels have flown.
Include me in Your plans,
Help me understand
You took your child back home.


c. Ami Hendrickson

My heart goes out to that family. I hope I never hear that song again.