Monday, February 06, 2006

Looking Back

Geoff's book cover is now carved in stone. By late Friday afternoon, we'd agreed on the flap copy. And we've reached an agreement on the back cover, which was the last thing that needed to be checked off the list.

I'm especially happy with the back. It features a close-up of the "perfect leg" (Geoff's), and looks classy and elegant. I also like the fact that the only text on the back is provided by either George Morris or Joe Fargis. We certainly couldn't ask for better testimonials. The packaging turns the book into something that really lends itself to someone picking it up, opening it, and seeing what it has to say.

I certainly appreciate how fortunate we are to have Trafalgar Square work so closely with us, and consider our opinions on the cover.

Monday is Marketing Day. I want to do some research into marketing a very specialized niche title. I also want to finish writing Dr. Warson's bio and get it online.

With any luck, by the end of this week, I'll have two chapters of the new Back Book roughed out. As far as I'm concerned, this is the hardest stage of a project. The notes are taken, and need to be shaped into something coherent. But no real "writing" has been done yet. Which means that the book has not yet found its voice. It's starting from a standstill. Once it's achieved some momentum, it should practically write itself. But getting it started is always a challenge. Further musings on the process as it progresses.

In other news:
Steelers win their fifth Super Bowl 21 - 10. Yay! As a Pennsylvania native, though I haven't followed the home team since elementary school, and the days of the Steel Curtain, Bradshaw, and Noll, I have to say that I'm the teeniest bit proud of them...