Monday, December 05, 2005


The only productive thing I got done today was making a list of things to do this week. Got a slight start on them, but ended up doing a bit of driving and running errands most of the morning and early afternoon.

Total productive things that happened: 3.

1.) Moved a piece of extraneous furniture permanently out of the house, thus making room for the as yet un-put-up Christmas tree.

2.) Called Blue Cross / Blue Shield and straightened out the snafu that involved them printing my insurance cards with a name misspelling.

3.) Returned my editor's call at Trafalgar Square to learn of some changes she wants in photo captions (on tomorrow's To Do list) and discuss title possibilities.

Other than that, the day was a wash. And yet I didn't even have time to check my e-mail until after 10 p.m.

Tuesday will be an improvement. It's gotta be -- at least in the "Work Completed" category.